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Massive underground battery in Utah to use hydrogen fuel to store power

Just outside Delta, Utah, there is a small one-stoplight town that will soon be home to a massive underground battery that will use hydrogen fuel for storing excess energy.

The idea is to make it possible to produce carbon-free energy that can be stored in caverns so that it can be cleanly used to generate electricity when it is needed. In essence, it will be a massive battery that will be stored underground.

The location has two massive caverns underground, each of which is as tall as the Empire State Building.

The caverns are massive geological salt formations, where water is being used to remove the salt by dissolving it. Once the caverns are ready, they will be appropriate for storing large amounts of energy in the form of hydrogen fuel in gaseous form.

With this project, developers are seeking to use H2 to a larger potential than is typically the case. Among the developers is Chevron, the energy giant, which has purchased a majority stake in one of the two projects taking place in the tiny Utah town. This project will store excess electricity generated by solar and wind farms in the spring and fall when demand is low. Then, it will use the stored energy in the summer when the demand for electricity is high.

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