Make Hydrogen Happen

Airbus opens new center dedicated to hydrogen tech research

The multinational aircraft manufacturer is giving it’s ZEROe project more H2 support.

Airbus has opened a new ZEROe Development Center (ZEDC) in Stade, Germany for the purpose of hastening the progress of hydrogen tech, more specifically to develop composite hydrogen-system technologies for storing and distributing cryogenic liquid H2.

Developing cost-competitive lightweight H2 systems.

Airbus is no stranger to developing composite technologies – both in materials and manufacturing processes. Though it has long been a pioneer in Germany in this field, the focus for the Stade ZEDC is to develop cost-competitive lightweight hydrogen systems (such as a cryogenic hydrogen tank) in composites.

“Establishing a composite related ZEDC in Germany strengthens our Research & Technology footprint in the country and ensures the involvement, from the start, of leading experts to support our decarbonisation ambition,” said Sabine Klauke, Airbus Chief Technical Officer, in a company news release.

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