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Hyundai’s hydrogen truck clocks 10 million km total driving distance in Switzerland.

The Hyundai XCIENT fuel cell electric heavy-duty truck achieved a new record, recently surpassing a cumulative driving distance of 10 million kilometers (6.2+ million miles) in Swiss fleet usage. The company achieved this feat in only three years and eight months, since the hydrogen truck started its fleet operations in Switzerland in October 2020.

This marks a significant milestone.

According to a recent Hyundai Motors news release, surpassing the cumulative 10-million km driving distance in Swiss fleet usage is a testament to the world-class hydrogen fuel cell tech’s long-term reliability.

This milestone is significant not only because it’s evidence of the long-term reliability of the Hyundai XCIENT, but because the achievement is expected to contribute to lowering carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions. This reduction in CO2 emissions is compared to the amount of carbon that is absorbed every year by an estimated 700,000 pine trees.

Comparatively, a fleet of standard diesel trucks emits about 6,200 tons of CO2 over an accumulated distance of 10 km.

Each of these hydrogen trucks is powered by two 90-kilowatt (kW) fuel cell systems, a total power of 180 kW. They’re also equipped with a 350-kW e-motor, which delivers a maximum range of more than 400 km (248.5 mi).


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