Make Hydrogen Happen

The automaker has been focused on EVs but has indicated interest in H2 for clean energy

While Toyota and Hyundai have drawn the majority of the attention for developing and rolling out hydrogen fuel cell cars, they are far from the only companies showing interest.  Among those others may be Volkswagen, according to recent indications.

The German automaker is working on developing the technology

What has indicated that Volkswagen is interested in hydrogen fuel cell technology is that it has been working on the development of the tech.  The company submitted a patent filing involving a stack that would be incorporated into a passenger car and that would boast a range of about 2,000 kilometers (about 1,243 miles).

The tech described in the patent filing was developed as part of a collaboration between Volkswagen and Kraftwerk Tubes, another German company.

The hydrogen fuel cell technology uses a ceramic membrane

The patent describes a hydrogen fuel cell that uses a ceramic membrane. Among the benefits to that type of design includes that it would be cheaper to manufacture than the more common polymer membrane used by other automakers such as Toyota and Hyundai.  Moreover, a ceramic membrane is more durable, and more resistant to freezing and drying than Nafion.

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