Make Hydrogen Happen
Porsche hasn’t given up on hydrogen fuel cell car technology The automaker’s parent company might not be looking into H2, but this brand is still looking into it.
While Porsche continues to look into alternatives to gasoline and diesel by researching synthetic fuels, it hasn’t given up on hydrogen fuel cell car technology as a potential option in its future.
The German luxury sportscar company appears to be keeping itself open to a range of potential options. Porsche recently filed a patent application in Germany relating to hydrogen fuel cell car technology. This indicates that the automaker’s engineers still have at least some focus on the use of H2 as a potential clean energy<> propulsion technology for the future. Last year, the company produced a hydrogen combustion engine<> car, which was a 4.4-liter V8 within the “luxury-segment reference vehicle” category and with a weight of 2650 kilograms. This was widely believed to be the first true interest the luxury vehicle brand had shown in H2. That said, the car had a combustion engine, which is different from a fuel cell car, which uses H2 to generate electricity, meaning that the car requires a much smaller battery than an electric vehicle, and does not need plug-in charging.
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