Make Hydrogen Happen

Toyota reaches another milestone in its progress toward zero-carbon vehicles.

The Toyota Hilux has moved on to a new phase, reaching an “intensive evaluation and demonstration stage”, according to a Toyota Europe news release. Ten prototypes of the hydrogen fuel cell-powered pickup have now been built, allowing the automaker to move on to the next and last phase of the joint development prototype project.

The prototypes were built in England.

The first Toyota Hilux prototype was unveiled back in September of last year. Now, a total of 10 hydrogen fuel cell pickups have been built at the Toyota Motor Manufacturing UK (TMUK) facility in Derby, England.

Five of these vehicles are being rigorously tested to evaluate the H2 pickup’s performance, functionality, safety and durability. The goal is to generate test drive data from these vehicles in real-world situations. The other five prototypes are being used in media and customer demonstrations, two of which will be at the upcoming Paris 2024 Summer Olympic and Paralympic games.

According to Toyota, the hydrogen fuel cell prototype pickup is based on the Toyota Hilux, which was initially launched in 1968.


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