Make Hydrogen Happen

On 23 April, Poland’s President Andrzej Duda spoke at the Canadian Hydrogen Convention in Edmonton, Alberta. 

The event was attended by representatives of Polish companies, start-ups and universities specialising in producing and using hydrogen for energy and transport.

A large part of Poland-Canada relations is related to clean energy technologies

The Polish president talked about his country’s strong relationship with Canada: “In the last two years alone, Canada’s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau visited Poland three times.” Duda also indicated they held talks during the past few days. 

Due to their shared commitment to support Ukraine, the close cooperation between Poland and Canada is getting more intense. However, Duda pointed to the importance of relations beyond security. 

“At the provincial level, a large part of our cooperation is related to clean energy technologies,” he said. “Considering our commitment to achieving climate neutrality, Poland sees the development of clean hydrogen technologies as essential. We see their application primarily in those segments of the economy where electrification is not a viable solution or is inefficient” Duda remarked.

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