Make Hydrogen Happen

Geologists expect ‘gold rush’ for natural H2 resources, conference told


There are trillions of tonnes of naturally occurring hydrogen in underground reservoirs, a tiny percentage of which would meet all the world’s H2 needs for hundreds of years, geologists said last week — arguing that a “gold rush” to exploit reserves is about to start.


An unpublished report from the US Geological Survey (USGS) — an agency of the US government — has found that there are as much as five trillion tonnes of natural hydrogen underground, USGS researcher Geoffery Ellis told a US conference last week, according to the Financial Times.

And just a fraction of that would be enough to meet global H2 demand for years to come, Ellis told the American Association for the Advancement of Science annual meeting in Denver.

“Most hydrogen is likely inaccessible, but a few per cent recovery would still supply all projected demand — 500 million tonnes a year — for hundreds of years,” he said, during a preview of the USGC report at the conference.

The Hydrogen Council estimates that global hydrogen demand will reach 375 million tonnes per year by 2050.

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