Make Hydrogen Happen
Highlights from 2023—a Big Year for Clean Hydrogen U.S. Department of Energy > Office of Energy Efficiency & Renewable Energy > Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Technologies Office
At the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE), across the United States, and all over the world, 2023 was a year to remember for clean hydrogen.
For decades, DOE has been laying the foundation of our nation’s clean-hydrogen economy by driving down costs and improving technologies through research, development, and demonstration (RD&D), while advancing technologies from the lab to demonstration phases and breaking down barriers to deployment and commercialization.
The past twelve months saw much of that groundwork pay off. Industry announced unprecedented investments in clean hydrogen production, the Regional Clean Hydrogen Hubs are getting ready to launch DOE’s largest-ever hydrogen demonstration projects, and partnerships continue to grow and strengthen across the federal government and around the world.
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