Make Hydrogen Happen

Third multi-billion-euro H2 approval covers deployment of 3.2GW of electrolysers and thousands of kilometres of hydrogen pipelines


Seven EU member states are set to shell out billions of euros to deploy hydrogen infrastructure in the bloc, after the European Commission (EC) today (Thursday) gave the so-called “Hy2Infra” programme the green light to proceed.


France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, and Slovakia are to spend a collective €6.9bn ($7.4bn) to support 32 companies in their delivery of 33 inter-operable projects, including a total of 3.2GW of electrolysers.


Hy2Infra is the third hydrogen-related Important Project of Common European Interest (IPCEI) to be approved by the EC, and the biggest so far, following on from the €5.4bn “Hy2Tech” programme focusing on demand-side H2 technologies, announced in July 2022, and the €5.2bn “Hy2Use” for industrial hydrogen applications announced in September 2022.

Specific details of Hy2Infra’s individual projects were not included in the IPCEI approval — which grants EU-level permission for subsidies for the projects en-masse, rather than individually — however the bloc revealed that a total of 1.5GW electrolysis capacity would be supported in Germany alone.


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