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Hydrogen Insight investigation finds that new registrations of FCEVs crashed in all but three European markets


Registrations of new hydrogen fuel cell vehicles (FCEVs) are flatlining across most European markets, a Hydrogen Insight investigation can reveal, despite various companies’ plans to bring scores of new H2 refuelling stations (HRSs) on line in several countries — and new EU legislation that mandates the construction of hundreds of new refuelling spots by 2027.


Data from every European country with at least one HRS shows that in all but three, registrations of FCEV have either crashed or stagnated. (Note: registrations can include vehicles purchased by dealerships that have not yet been sold to a business or individual.)


As previously reported by Hydrogen Insight, Europe’s largest hydrogen car market, Germany, saw an almost 70% reduction in new FCEV registrations in 2023.


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