Make Hydrogen Happen

A Hydrogen-powered version of Honda’s most popular car.

It’s no secret that Honda has been working on a CR-V hydrogen vehicle, and now new images released by the company reveal that the hydrogen fuel cell model of the popular CR-V compact SUV looks like a typical CR-V design, with the exception of a few differences in the front end.


The images show a vehicle colored in blue camouflage.

The images and video that has recently surfaced of the CR-V hydrogen prototype show a vehicle wrapped in a blue, hydrogen-molecule-camo-like pattern. Unsurprisingly, the vehicle has a very similar shape and design to its current gas and hybrid models. Visually, the most notable difference of the H2 model is the front-end of the vehicle. The grille shape and lower fascia are different compared to the other models and the headlights have been updated as well.

Of course, what truly separates the CR-V hydrogen vehicle from its hybrid and gasoline-powered cousins is that it will use a fuel cell unit. This unit will convert liquid hydrogen fuel into electricity to power an electric motor.

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